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B&B Solutions a full-service  IT consulting firm that has developed  a unique  
business   model   tailored  to fit   today’s  “economy”.  B&B’s  service
commitment  to the    client  is  to provide cost  effective, efficient  and
innovative solutions without  compromising    on the quality.

"Here is innovative solution for your problem".  Let us  know your problem, we
solve. It's that simple.

B&B works to  build a  long   lasting  relationship  that is based on  trust with
our clients.  Building a  strong and   effective  team is a  challenge faced by all
Organizations   today.  Continuous   change  of    technology  and    increasing
opportunities  in   market   place      makes   this   task  tougher.   Most  of   the
organizations  would  reach   out   to  partners    who  could  help  them in  this
endeavor. Similarly employees  seeking a  change  would  prefer to work with  
organizations  which  guide them in  seeking  opportunities  which will  match  
their  skill   sets and  aspirations.  B&B,  started in  the year 2007, has already  
grown to a status of  preferred  partner   for  several  leading organizations. It
was started by set of  Bright and  Broad solution   providing   brains who had
worked  for  more than  a  decades   in  leading    organizations.  B&B  with
strong qualified and experienced professionals has been able to address the need  
for  talent  search  and   talent  acquisition.  B&B  have   been  able to deliver
concrete benefits to both the clients and candidate.
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